Nica shampoo for all hair types

Nica shampoo for all types of hair 
Hair care product with excellent washing and conditioning properties
  • Incorporates wheat protein, keratin and conditioning agents
  • Mild formulation of this shampoo allows to apply it for all types of hair.
Nica shampoo antidandruff 
  • Contains antimicrobial agent Zinc Pyritionate, which effectively reduce the amount of fungus on the scalp, cause an increase in sebum secretion with consequent oiliness of the hair and scalp
  • Contains active ingredients, which provide hair fiber strengthening and prolonged moisturizing.
  • Use twice a week and your hair is shiny, silky and free of dandruff
Nica shampoo for bleached and dyed hair has excellent washing and conditioning properties
  • Formulated by amodimethicone and wheat protein.
  • it has triple action- moisturizing, reinforcement and energizing- to give hair new strength, healthy and vitality.