NICA blondeure

If you dreamed about blond hair

Every women at least once life in her dreams of changing her image to look more beautiful and attractive not only with a new hairstyle, but also by changing her color. There are so many brunettes who dream of lightening their hair to look younger and more attractive. Your dreams can be fulfilled by "Nica" hair decolour collection. You can easily use "Nica Blondeure,, hair lightener at home, it will save your time and you will get the desired result. Such ingredients as sea-buckthorn and wheat protein will give great shine to your hair and will keep them healthy and silky.

Regeneration of dry and damaged hair

Hair color "NICACOLOR" contains "NICA" balsam, which perfectly takes care about your hair.

“NICA" balsam is reach in vitamins, micro- and macro elements which provides regeneration of dry and damaged hair. Sea buckthorn oil makes moisturize your head skin and hair, protects from free radicals because its works as an antioxidant. It is powerful hair growth factor. “NICA" balsam also contains wheat protein, hydrolyzed keratin, silicones which are valuable products for the regeneration of dry and damaged hair and gives your hair an incredible softness and shine.