Emergency aid in any situation

Safety of human health depends on good hygiene. It is especially important to have clean hands! But there are times when soap and water is not near us, for example, in the street, in transportation, if you decide to have a snack while walking in the park, at the hospital and so on. How to deal with such cases? We offer you and your children Nica Sanitizer antibacterial gel, help in any situation. Provides cleanliness to your hands without water, soap and towels. Alcohol-based gel effectively cleans your hands, and special components take care of your hands.
  • Kills germs by 99% due to the high concentration of alcohol
  • Provides purity in any situation(school, work, outdoor recreation)
  • The oils of apricot and menthol remain hands soft.
Remember! Nica Sanitizer will help in any emergency!