LiceOFF shampoo

Effective head lice treatment

The composition of "Nica" LiceOff shampoo is effective for the loosening and subsequent removal of lice egg infestations from the hair and scalp. "Nica" LiceOff shampoo - hair care product with excellent washing properties and effective head lice treatment. No chemical smell – leaves hair soft, shiny and pleasantly fragrant. Nica LiceOff shampoo will remove lice completely without leaving a chemical residue. Nica LiceOff shampoo contains pyrethrin of chrysanthemum family –Permetrin- which is active against lice (pediculus humanus var capitis). Parasites do not develop resistance to the composition, which may be used repeatedly with no ill effects to the host. Permetrin acts as neurotoxin, slowing down the nervous system of lice.

Harmless for the humans health